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Hi, Scott (Scotty) here. I was born in Wagga Wagga Southern New South Wales and became the little brother to an already 3 year old boy. Growing up, I was always interested in radio and electronics which eventually led me into starting a very profitable business that at one stage employed 9 other people.

While the radio communications business grew and grew over the years, my wife Donna and myself had set up several passive income streams that allowed us to not replace staff as they chose to leave our employment. This change in our business was a blessing because we could start to be a little more picky and start to choose the work and jobs that we “wanted” to do.

The principles of managing consistent passive incomes is the same no matter what niche, even something what may seem a little “off track” to niches that most Internet Marketers chase.

These principles are repeated over and over and the whole system becomes scientific and duplicatable.

If You Need to Know a little how I done this, fill in the box so I can pass on some info 🙂

Here is a link to my current offline fanpage

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  • heyy scotty, its abbey megans sis how r u?

  • Jim Asaro


    I’m curious to find out if Dylan Kingsley ever resolved your issues with the WP Auto Tube plugin. I also left a few posts on the same thread of Warrior Forum explaining to Dylan that I was experiencing the same problems as you, and several other people who purchased his product. So far, no response from a support ticket I submitted, or the posts I left on the Warrior Forum. I also sent in a second support ticket requesting a refund, and also no response. I hope you had better luck than I did. Good luck,


  • Scotty

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Yes eventually the issue got resolved, but I haven’t checked that it still works as I haven’t gone back to that site for a while and done any updates. I might do that and see if anything breaks or not. I can send you the file that eventually worked for me if you like.
    What gives me the shits is when warriors promiss the world , don’t back their wso and then flit on to the next promotion or product. I still have a few unresolved issues (that will never get resolved) with software wso’s mainly, that I’ve reluctantly had to bite the bullet and say “ok, never buying anything from him/her again, or anything that they promote for a JV”. Good luck and cheers to your success,

  • Hey Scotty, I’m always interested in learning more, so if you’re happy to pass on some info then fire away. Cheers!

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