Aweber Vs Get Response-Which Auto Responder?

email marketingGod I’m frustrated!!! For the past 12 months I have had an account at both Get Response (highly recommended by the infamous Jonathan Budd in his afilliate programme) and Aweber (which I found out by accident by other internet marketers speaking highly of its services)

Get Response has been a good learning curve for me because as a technician (and a mere male) I liked to try and solve the problems it threw up at me and being only $19 a month I thought it was worth the challenge.

Aweber however, I found to be easier and nothing to think about so I rejected it for 6 months and done nothing with it. Even though we have 100+ subscribers on spread across different lists from the “weight loss” niche to the “gaming” niche

I am now reconsidering all this as I have just spent the last 4 hours trying to send out 1 email to my Get Response list… call me dumb or whatever but you cant copy from a note pad thingy to Get Response using Firefox and the HTML and plain text inputs don’ follow each other.
Your damned if you accidentally hit the back button on your browser while logged into Get Response because you just lost your last half hour of spilling your guts with your friends on your email list..WTF

I haven’t had this hassle with recently returning to give Aweber another crack and I now know why the other “Non-High Profile Gurus” always recommend Aweber for there auto responder.

Leave a valuable comment of your experiences if you like (but don’t spam me as the link you leave is all no-follow)

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